History of the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon

RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon

All brands are represented by something. Whether it is a swoosh that symbolizes one of the biggest brands in the world, a set of golden arches that represent a company that can test even the strongest of will powers, or a balloon that represents one of the biggest names in real estate, icons are arguably one of the most important parts of any brand.

At RE/MAX, the balloon represents so much more than just the company. The balloon represents the hard work and dedication put forth by each and every RE/MAX agent, allowing them to soar high above the crowd. It represents that they will go above and beyond to help you find your dream home, and shows that when you want to work with the best, you know who to turn to. The RE/MAX brand is not only a leader in the real estate industry, but is widely known as having the most productive agents in the world.

RE/MAX Hot Air BalloonAbout the RE/MAX Balloon

The RE/MAX Balloon is one of the most widely recognized symbols in North America and was first seen by spectators of the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival in 1978. In North America, there are approximately 100 RE/MAX Balloons engaged in promotional programs, with millions of people witnessing this strong corporate symbol each year as it flies high above them in the sky. The RE/MAX Balloon represents an excellent opportunity to create awareness and promote goodwill in the community and takes thousands of people on flights each year.

Have you Spotted the RE/MAX Balloon?

As such a strong symbol, we love to see our happy homeowners enjoying the RE/MAX balloon as it flies above them. Sponsored by RE/MAX offices and agents, the RE/MAX balloon can be found at community and charity events across Canada. RE/MAX offers tethered hot air balloon flights—weather permitting—to thousands of people every year! If you spot the balloon, we want to see your photos! Get your cameras ready to go, and tag us on social media or share using #AboveTheCrowd!


Sellers’ Tips for the Best Backyard on the Block

Sellers’ Tips for the Best Backyard on the Block

A great backyard can be the most relaxing part of a house. However, if neglected, it can also be one of the most stressful areas to maintain.

Here are some of the best ways to have a backyard you can boast about.

Tidy up!

Storage sheds and garages are key for tucking away gardening items so that they are not left lying out on the lawn for everyone to see. Garden hoses should be coiled up and all unnecessary junk/clutter should be put away.

Tidying includes cutting the grass and keeping weeds under control. Trees and hedges can be trimmed back to enhance the size of your yard and make it brighter. Decorative rocks can also be used to make the area visually appealing.

“A well-maintained and orderly backyard is not only nice to look at, but it also gives the potential buyer the impression of a well-maintained house,” said a RE/MAX Influencer.

Pick up after pets

Pet owners should pick-up after their pets on a regular basis—even if there is snow on the ground! One Influencer suggested the best way to maintain a snowed-in yard with pets is to shovel an area for the pets to be in so it’s easier to clean up.

“No buyer wants to navigate through doggy-doo landmines to see the yard.”

Be sure to also patch the grass where pets may have damaged it.

Add a splash of colour

Planters filled with flowers, hanging baskets and flowers in the garden can add a great touch of colour to your already beautiful backyard. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always hire someone to help you out.

Some owners may want to consider repainting or re-staining the deck if it’s needed. A fresh coat of paint can help make the area stand out in a positive way.

Adobe Spark (1)

Stage it!

When selling in the summer months, it’s fine to have patio furniture and/or barbecue areas set up, but they should be staged to look well-kept and orderly. The outside should be as inviting as the inside of the house.

Several Influencers agreed that presentation of all aspects of a property is crucial to obtaining the best offer.

“Your backyard should be looked at as an extension of your home. To make your yard welcoming, think of setting it up with entertaining in mind. A cozy and inviting backyard space can make your home appear larger and add significant appeal and value to buyers.”

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Top 5 Summer Curb Appeal Tips

Top 5 Summer Curb Appeal Tips

As the famous saying goes, you should…

“never judge a book by its cover”

With that being said, there is another famous saying that reminds us there is an exception to every rule. In this case, the exception is curb appeal. When buyers are searching for their dream home, the condition of your windows and state of the gardens can be the deciding factor on whether or not they want to take a closer look inside.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Top 5 Summer Curb Appeal Tips

1. Start with the Basics: One of the first things potential buyers will see is your driveway, and it is one of the easiest things for you to fix. Ensure your garbage and recycling bins are always neat and tidy, and keep an eye out for garbage and debris that you can easily clean up as it appears.

Look for cracks in the sidewalk and driveway, and hire a professional to fix them up so guests will be impressed as soon as they step out of their car.

2. Be the Light in Their Eye: From taking the perfect selfie to making your home brighter, we can all agree that lighting is important. Not only should you ensure all light bulbs are working correctly, but make sure that your lighting fixtures are clean, stylish, and in good condition. If you have it in the budget, updating your light fixtures can have a large impact on your curb appeal.

3. Groom the Gardens: Not everyone has a green thumb, but even if your gardens aren’t the envy of the neighbourhood, you can still ensure they are clean and well maintained. Overgrown flowers and shrubs can be unappealing and turn away potential buyers, and taking care of them is simple. All you will need is a pair of garden shears and a little elbow grease and your yard will be in tiptop shape in no time!

4. Give the Lawn a Trim: There is nothing like an unkempt lawn to turn away buyers! Tending to your lawn is important whether you’re selling or not, but ensuring your grass is healthy and regularly cut will be a big key to your success. If you’re lawn isn’t quite as green as you would like it, you can also spray your lawn with a green spray paint that is created specifically for grass and is both non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

5. Clear the Dirt! Over time, your home can build up a fine layer of dirt. Fortunately, it is easy enough to clear it off! Whether it’s a pressure washer or the strongest setting on your garden house, clearing off that extra dirt is an easy task for a lazy summer afternoon in the sun! Start with the sidings of your home, and from there take it to the sidewalks, driveway, and anything else that could use a bit of freshening up.

The best part about summer curb appeal is it doesn’t need to be an annoying task you put off for weeks. Wait for a weekend where the sun is shining bright and the air is warm, and start checking these items off your list. With the beautiful weather and a cold glass of lemonade you will have the best curb appeal on the block in no time at all!

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Prepping Your Home for a Kid Friendly Summer

AY blog square insert imageSchool’s almost out, which means prepping your home for a kid friendly summer is on the top of your to-do list. All year long, your kids sit inside a classroom learning, exploring, and facing the challenges and obstacles that will help them grow and thrive as they get older. For two months of the year, they finally have a break, and staying indoors looking at a screen is the last thing they should be doing! Whether their summer months will involve time spent enjoying the warm summer weather, or if the weather forces them to get creative indoors, we have everything you need to create a fun space at home your kids can enjoy all summer long.

Prepping Your Home for a Kid Friendly Summer!

  1. Write a Bucket List

Summer will fly by, make sure you have a plan so you can cross everything you want to do off your list. This is not only a great start for prepping your home for a kid friendly summer, it will also make it easier for you to make concrete plans you will stick to throughout the long lazy days of summer.

2. Take a Hike

How many times have you explored your own neighbourhood? Chances are it has plenty of things you haven’t taken the opportunity to explore, and there is no better time than the present. Alternatively, if you are planning on making a move to a new neighbourhood come fall, this is a great time to take the kids and help them get a head start on adjusting to their new surroundings.

3. Paint a Chalkboard Wall

Do you worry about little fingers expressing their creativity on the walls of your home? Give them a space to let their creative juices flow by easily creating a DIY Chalkboard wall like the one here.

4. Host a Lemonade Stand

Getting involved in your community is not only a fun activity, but is a great learning lesson while school is out. Pick a charity or community event that your family is passionate about, and host a lemonade stand with proceeds benefiting your favourite organization. Here is one example of how RE/MAX agents get involved in their community!

5. Host a Campfire

Whether at a cottage in a popular cottage destination or just enjoying time at home, there is very little that can compete with family time around the campfire. Make sure you are prepared with your favourite campfire stories, and of course S’mores!

6. Plant a Garden

Last but certainly not least, there is no better time to start understanding how gardening works than the present. As a family, do some research on the best types of flowers to plant in your location and building type, and start a garden that the kids can continue to care for all summer long. These helpful tips are a great place to start!

Don’t let the warm weather and sunny days pass you by without taking time to enjoy them. These tips are all you need for prepping your home for a kid friendly summer so the whole family will make memories that will keep you warm all winter long!

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Record Breaking Housing Demand Sweeps BC

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) released its 2016 Second Quarter Housing Forecast today.


Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) residential sales in the province are forecast to climb 12.3 per cent to a record 115,200 units this year, eclipsing the previous record of 106,310 units in 2005. Housing demand is expected to pull back by 8.3 per cent to 105,600 units in 2017. Strong economic   fundamentals are expected to underpin the housing market and produce above average consumer demand through 2017. The ten year average for the province is 83,000 MLS® residential unit sales.

“Robust employment growth and a marked increase in migration from other provinces is buoying   consumer confidence and housing demand in most regions of the province,” said Cameron Muir, BCREA Chief Economist.“  Record housing demand has depleted inventories in many urban areas, and the resulting imbalance between supply and demand has pushed home prices considerably higher.”

The average MLS® residential price in the province is forecast to increase 20.4 per cent to $766,600  this year and a further 3.4 per cent to $792,800 in 2017.

New home construction activity has ramped up to meet the extraordinary demand for housing. Waning inventories of newly completed and unoccupied units are being offset by a marked increase in the   number of homes under construction. Total housing starts in the province are forecast to climb 20 per cent to 37,800 units this year, before edging back to 34,200 units in 2017.

Source: bcrea.ca