4 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling your Home

Selling your home can be a confusing, emotional time. Avoiding these 4 mistakes can make the process easy, seamless, and enjoyable for you and your family:

  1. They Choose Just Any Realtor

At first glance, realtors may all seem similar however this is far from true. Realtors specialize in different types of real estate and you will want to choose one who specializes in selling YOUR type of property. The second consideration is to select a top ranked realtor to ensure you get a top SOLD price. I have specializations in condos, townhomes and houses, and am grateful to be one of the Top 1% of Realtors in BC.

  1. The House is Not in Selling Condition

Our homes are just that…our homes. They are comfortable, cozy, and suited to our personal tastes. When selling your home, think in terms of a showcase of your home’s best attributes. To make it look great take times time… repair, de-clutter, deep clean, de-personalize, and stage your home. When you’re ready to sell, my home stager will make sure your home outshine the competition.

  1. Home Upgrades are Neglected

Home updates and renovations are not always the most fun but there are some easy updates that add real value to your home at a fairly low cost.

  • Paint brass or old hardware with black spray paint for an instant update
  • Update old light fixtures and change out old yellow light switch covers to white
  • Touch up or re-paint walls where needed with neutral tones (eg. light beige/grey)
  • Complete necessary yard work—pull weeds, clean out gutters, and fix anything broken outside, and inside.

I will be glad to send you a list of terrific local handymen and landscapers who can help.

  1. They Don’t Insist on Great Marketing

When selling your home you want to get the word out to everyone! You never know who the buyer may be. Many homeowners believe their realtor will market their home, but they don’t insist on the latest and best methods. At Young Real Estate Group we use extensive social media advertising, top web sites, professional video and photography, 2D and 3D computer models of your home, hi-quality flyers, newspaper ads, and much more. We promise your home will be SOLD to the right buyer, and for the very best price…guaranteed.

So if you are looking to sell your home, or you have a friend who is thinking of selling, call us. I will be glad to drop by and share what we do and how we can help you.  604.533.3491.    info@CallYoung.com


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